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Markham, Gervase : Markham’s Master-piece

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Containing All Knowledge belonging to the Smith, Farrier, or Horse-leach, touching the Curing of all Diseases in HORSES.
Divided into Two Books.
The First, Containing all Cures Physical.
The Second, All belonging to Chirurgery.

The 21st Impression Corrected and Enlarged by the Author Gervase Markham.

To which is Now added
The Countryman’s Care for Curing DISEASES in smaller Cattle. Also the Compleat Jockey, &c.

This is the 21st edition, illustrated with woodcut-engraved title page with 10 woodcut illustrations (depicting different aspects of horse-raising and treatment) around the central title, five full-page woodcuts (depicting the anatomy of the horse including its skeleton and a plate depicting the instruments used by farriers) and several smaller ones.

The first book (of cures physical) covers pp. 1-124 and ends with its table. The second book (of Cures Chyrurgical), on pp. 125-318, begins with the anatomical plates and has also a table at the end.
This is followed by an appendix (pp. 1-22) on the curing of all diseases in Oxen, Cows, Sheep &c. and finally The Compleat Jockey (pp. 23-64), also with its table at the end.

Gervase Markham [c.1568-1637], a poet and author of a number of popular works on sports and country life. He owned several valuable horses and seems to have imported the first Arab.
The first edition of this work was published in 1610.

Téves lapszámozás / Incorrect pagination:
p. 56 után 65-72, majd 65- től folytatódik immár jól. / 56 --> 65-72 --> 65- continuous
p. 89 után 190-191. / 89 --> 190-191.
p. 93 után 194-195. / 93 --> 194-195.
The Compleat Jockey: p. 36 után 47. / 36 --> 47.

Néhány lap fénymásolattal pótolt / Some sheets are replaced with photocopy: Címlap / title page, 291-294., 63-64 (The Compleat Jockey)

Több lap restaurált / Some sheets are restored.

Modern papírkötésben, a táblára a címlap részletének fénymásolata ragasztva. / Modern paperback binding, with a photocopy of the title page on the first cover.
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kiadó: London: G. Conyers & J. Clarke, 1734
cikkszám / ISBN: 0047467
kötés: egyéb (lásd a leírásban)
oldalszám: 318, iii, 64. Hiány / Missing: (8) [A kötet elején, a címlap után. / the first 8 p.]
könyv nyelve: angol
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