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Al-Abdessalaam, Salim Zahran Thabit : Marine Species of the Sultanate of Oman

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The Sultanate of Oman occupies the south-eastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula and is surrounded by three seas (Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman, and Arabian Gulf). Its fisheries resources are immense and diverse, due to its coastal tropical habitats, wide exclusive economic zone (300000 km2 ), broad climatic spectrum, and its unique geographic location in the upwelling region of the northwestern Indian Ocean (Fouda & Hermosa, 1993). The Sultanate has taken a number of sound initiatives to link the rapid socio-economic development with the planned protection of the environment and the natural resources.

The fish fauna is generally not well known. There are insufficient data on the distribution, abundance, and biology of many species largely because of incorrect identification of species in routine fishery work. Publications regarding ichthyological or biological works specific to the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman are scarce. White & Barwani (1971) recorded 199 species from the waters off the Trucial coasts and the Gulf of Oman. Kuronuma & Abe (1986) recorded 465 fish species from the Arabian Gulf, and a few from the Gulf of Oman. The FAO identification sheets of 1984 for the Western Indian Ocean (Fishing Area 51) including the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman of 1984 (Fischer & Bianchi, 1984) included 2354 species of marine fishes and sharks. Al-Abdessalaam (1995) illustrated 280 fishes and Randall (1995) increased the number to 930 fish species. FishBase (1996) includes 280 fish species. Banister & Clarke (1977) recorded nine fresh water fish species from streams and drainage basins in the Arabian Peninsula. Related works on the fish fauna of the adjacent waters have been reported by Wray (1979) Relyea (1981), Randall (1983, 1986), and Debelius (1993) among others.

Since 1990, the Department of Fisheries Science and Technology, Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), has been conducting research work to document the diversity of the fish fauna of the Sultanate. A tentative systematic listing of 905 fish species, together with common and Arabic names, was prepared (Fouda & Hermosa, 1993), based on extensive collection of fishes and examining the existing records of Omanïs fishes. Subsequently, more fish species have been added and more information is now available on the distribution of fishes.
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kiadó: Ministry Of Agriculture And Fisheries - Marine Science And Fisheries Center, 1995
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