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257. JACKSON J. : Cantonment Gardens, Rangoon, cca. 1868.

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26.4 x 21 cm, albumen. Handwritten subtitles on the cardboard. Tiny spots on the top and bottom.        Photograph of the Cantonment Gardens in Rangoon (Yangon), Burma (Myanmar), taken by J. Jackson in about 1868, An interesting piece in the British Library in Dunlop Smith Collection: Sir Charles Aitchison Album of Views in India and Burma. The Cantonment Gardens were situated immediately to the south-west of the Shwe Dagon Pagoda within the military cantonment. They were planned in 1854-56 by William Scott of the Calcutta Bontanic Gardens and laid out by the city's Public Works Department. This was a popular view of the gardens. With a summerhouse to the left and a rustic wooden bridge to the right, it is centred on the spire of the Shwe Dagon on the skyline, and its reflection in the lake. A gilded bell-shaped stupa, the pagoda can be glimpsed from all over Rangoon due to its elevated postion on Singuttara Hill.

[A Cantonment kertek Rangoonban], cca. 1868. 26.4 x 21 cm, albumin. Kézírással feliratozott karton hordozón. A képen fent és lent apró foltok.

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Myanmar (Burmse) – Mianmari (Burmai

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