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Rogakos, Megakles : Ricordo di Corfu #10: View of the Old Fortress from Faliraki Beach, Corfu Town (A "Ricordo di Corfu" albumból, 1892)

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Albumin. Képméret: 27×21 cm, kartonméret: 39×32,5 cm.


The album RICORDO di CORFU, 1892. Twenty digital copies from the album Ricordo di Corfu, photographed and documented by the art historian, Dr Megakles Rogakos.


Old Fortress from Faliraki Beach facing Mandraki Harbour, Corfu. Above Mandraki run two series of buildings – on the left the Pasqualigo Barracks (1718-1721); and the British Officers Barracks (1850). The Pasqualigo Barracks was built by the High Commissioner of the Sea Giorgio Pasqualigo during the period 1718-1721. It was destroyed by bombs during the Second World War and was demolished after the war. Very few traces of this building are still visible today.

It was a building with three floors facing the north and two in the rear side, as it followed the natural inclination of the ground; the rear side contained a two-storey colonnade. It was used for the Dalmation soldiers of the Venetian garrison and could accommodate 1200 men. The plans of the building were laid out in 1850 by the British military engineer Edmund Ogle. It is a long construction with a simple façade made of white stone. Like the other two works of the British Protectorate – the British Hospital and the Infantry Barracks – it is covered by heavy arches for protection against cannon fire. The building now houses the Department of Music Studies of the Ionian Academy. On the photograph’s right side, appears the fortification walls for the rear of the Palace of St Michael & St George (1814-1824).

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