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McNally, David : The Eagle's Secret - Success Strategies for Thriving at Work & in Life

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David McNally, peak-performance consultant to businesses and author of Even Eagles Need A Push, returns with an inspiring and timely look at a problem faced by more and more of us. In today's dynamic global economy, the old rules for how to succeed--indeed, how to even stay employed--have been radically changed. The restructuring and re-engineering of our workplaces demanded by the new landscape of technology, international competition and communications now requires us to apply the lessons learned by organizations to our own professional and personal lives; what's needed now is a restructuring and re-engineering of ourselves.

Combining a highly readable blend of a seminar's worth of exercises, research-driven insights, and inspiring stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, David McNally guides us through seven chapters, each illustrating the attitudes and behaviors needed to navigate this new world of work.
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kiadó: Dell, 1999
cikkszám / ISBN: 9780440508458
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oldalszám: 214 p.
könyv nyelve: angol
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