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Highsmith, Patrticia : The Talented Mr. Ripley

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Vintage Crime/Black Lizard
The complete screenplay of Anthony Minghella's new adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY. Tom Ripley, a small-time con man, arrives in Italy from New York in search of a wealthy young man named Dickie Greenleaf. He has been sent by the young man's wealthy father to bring Dickie back to America. But once in Italy, Ripley becomes so attracted to Greenleaf and his exotic lifestyle in the seaport village of Mongibello that Tom yearns to inhabit Dickie's life and falls tragically in love with him. Dickie's wealth, style and good looks are qualities that Tom begins to covet. The frightening consequences of this attraction and the moral choices raised by the crime of murder lie at the heart of Minghella's absorbing film. Set throughout Italy (Ischia, Palermo, Rome, Tuscany and Venice), Minghella brings to life Highsmith's amoral tale of a criminal who gets away with murder.
kategória: Könyv > Idegennyelvű könyvek > Angol nyelvű >
kategória: Könyv > Bestseller > Krimi >
kiadó: Vintage Books, 1992
cikkszám / ISBN: 9780965016186
kötés: fűzve
oldalszám: 295
könyv nyelve: angol
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