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Ananda, Sri : The Complete Book of Yoga

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Harmony of Body and Mind
The book, an international bestseller and already in its 13th printing, is very detailed with pictures and guides. It is an all inclusive guide, teaching every reader on its own, irrespective of whether he is a beginner or just wants a better understanding of yoga. This volume has taught and still continues to teach and enlighten generations on the experience and the tremendous benefits of yoga for the body, mind and spirit. Sri Ananda not only demonstrates all the fundamental and several advanced yoga postures in black and white photos, but also clearly explains many obscure concepts so as to provide access to spiritual wisdom that is usually available only through direct association with a master teacher. The book includes chapters on the philosophy and aim of yoga, yogic purification techniques, ways to stay youthful and energetic through the practice of yoga following a natural diet and breathing and meditation exercises to calm the mind and strengthen the spirit. Also included are a series of training tables for all levels of yoga practitioners and detailed explanations and diagrams related to kundalini energy and the charkas.
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kiadó: Orient Paperbacks,
cikkszám / ISBN: 9788122200942
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