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Lebor, Adam : The Budapest protocol

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Nazi-occupied ​Budapest, winter 1944: the Russians are smashing through the German lines. Miklos Farkas breaks out of the Jewish ghetto to find food – at the Nazi headquarters. There he is handed a stolen copy of The Budapest Protocol, detailing the Nazis post-war plans. Miklos knows it must stay hidden forever if he is to stay alive.
Present day Budapest: as the European Union launches an election campaign for the first President of Europe, Miklos Farkas is brutally murdered. His grandson Alex, a journalist, buries his grief to track down the killers. He soon unravels a chilling conspiracy rooted in the dying days of the Third Reich, one that will ensure Nazi economic domination of Europe, and a plan for a new Gypsy Holocaust.
The hunt is on for The Budapest Protocol. Alex is drawn deeper into a deadly web of intrigue and power play, a game played for the highest stakes: the future of Europe. Powerful, controversial and thought-provoking, The Budapest Protocol is a journey into Europe's hidden heart of darkness… Part of the sales proceeds to be donated to the Medical Foundation for the Victims of Torture.
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kategória: Könyv > Bestseller > Krimi >
kiadó: Beautiful Books, 2011
cikkszám / ISBN: 9781908238191
kötés: fűzve
oldalszám: 344
könyv nyelve: angol
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