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Synagogues in Germany - A Virtual Reconstruction (DVD inside)

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Edited by Darmstadt University of Technology, Department CAD in Architecture, Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany, Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations.

Eine virtuelle Rekonstruktion, containing photographs of 15 synagogues and their corresponding panned exterior/interior computer reconstructions.

Soundtrack has choir and canting with organ.

These elaborate CAD-reconstructions, developed by Darmstadt Technical University, provide a representative survey of the architecture of synagogues in Germany before their destruction. What is more, they convey visual impressions of the diversity, the splendor and the significance of the synagogue in the history of German urban architecture from the early nineteenth century until 1938.
In doing so, they also demonstrate the potential of such media to contribute to a new culture of remembrance. Reactions to the first exhibition in 2000 in Bonn, Germany, were resounding, with international praise for the quality of the simulations and their value as an instrument in the service of historical truth. This publication presents the results for the first time in print, to coincide with the launching of an exhibition in Tel Aviv which will travel to New York, Los Angeles and further international.
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kiadó: Birkhäuser, 2004
cikkszám / ISBN: 9783764370305
kötés: kötve/papír
oldalszám: 159 + DVD
könyv nyelve: angol
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