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Kopleck, Maik : Past Finder Berlin 1933 - 1945

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Traces of German History - A Guidebook.

• Brings the past to life in an attractive and easy to use city guide
•Fully illustrated with colour photos and clear fold-out maps
•Presents the important sites of Nazi history in Berlin

History has indelibly imprinted itself onto the cityscape of Berlin- the period of the Nazi regime in particular. The many air raids and the destruction wrought during the final Battle of Berlin have left their traces, as have the Nazis' megalomaniac restructuring plans to transform Berlin into the future world metropolis ‘Germania'.

Maik Kopleck's Pastfinder pinpoints the well-known and lesser known sites of Nazi history in Berlin, whilst providing a concise account of the historic events and introducing the most important personalities connected to these places.

You will find for example the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe; the sinister Euthanasia Centre; the Memorial for Members of the German Underground Resistance; the Swastika Forest; the Nazi Brothel‘Salon Kitty', the home of Joseph Goebbels; he infamous ‘Fuhrer Bunker', and the numerous forced labour camps.

The many maps and clear graphic design let you put together your own sightseeing tour and provide quick orientation at each location.
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kiadó: Ch. Links, (2006)
cikkszám / ISBN: 9783861533634
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