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Iványi-Bitter Brigitta : Kovásznai - A Cold War Artist, Animation Painting Freedom.

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Prefaces by Wells, Paul and Wilson, Sarah.

Special Thanks DR. GYÖRGY H. MATOLCSY for preserving Kovásznai's lifework!

György Kovásznai (1934-1983) was one of the most original artists of the Cold War period. A painter, experimental filmmaker and writer, Kovásznai created colourful canvases and short animated films, which he viewed as a means to 'animate' the images he created through his paintings.

Over 235 works will be exhibited - including some of the artist's most important video pieces - which will be shown on a loop and on different screens throughout the exhibition. The exhibition space itself will be designed to feel as if the viewer is walking within one of the artist's animated films, and many of the works will be accompanied by photographs taken during the Cold War period, offering an insight into the socio-political context in which the works were created. Kovásznai's biography offers a compelling insight into artistic creation and social dynamics during the Cold War period. Throughout the 1960s, when Kovásznai was editing the significant Hungarian arts and literary journal Nagyvilág, he organised semi-illegal gatherings of up to 200 avant-garde artists every week at a friend's house. It only emerged some decades later that this friend had been passing on information about Kovásznai to the counterintelligence agency throughout the years.

During his lifetime, Kovásznai never had an opportunity to exhibit his work, consequently his oeuvre had been little known until recently, after efforts made by Kovásznai advocates and the artist's daughter, who together formed the Kovásznai Research Center Foundation. The Somerset House exhibition follows an acclaimed retrospective which took over an entire wing of the Hungarian National Gallery in 2010. The Foundation subsequently hosted a joint exhibition of William Kentridge and Kovásznai's work at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest in 2011, which featured installation-based animated films by both artists.
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kiadó: Kovásznai Research Foundation, 2016. Budapest,
cikkszám / ISBN: 9789633030028
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