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Jazz Forum - The Magazine of European Jazz Federation. No. 67.; 3/1980.

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Fourteenth Year of publication.
Editor in Chief: Jan Byrczek.
Bookjacket Graphic: Rafal Olbinski.

The Jazz community in Poland was in avant-guard of of the democratic changes. Created in late 50's the Polish Jazz Federation evolved into European Jazz Association and in 1966 created its own magazine - "Jazz Forum". Under leadership of Jan Byrczek, and later on Paweł Brodowski, "Jazz Forum" became the leading Jazz magazine in Poland, surpassing Jan Balcerak's "Jazz" and expended its reach beyond Poland. At the high of its success the magazine was printed in three independent versions, in three different languages (Polish, English and German), attracted critics from all over the world, and had distribution in 103 countries with offices in Warsaw, Vienna and New York City. Polish Jazz leaders were also able to open its own concert agency, and organize concerts and Jazz festivals with many international Jazz stars. The magazine international statue attracted some of the most important Polish critics, including Roman Kowal, Kaziemierz Czyż, Tomasz Szachowski, Janusz Szprot, Jan Borkowski, and Andrzej Trzaskowski.
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kiadó: European Jazz Federation - Polish Jazz Society, 1980. Warsaw,
cikkszám / ISBN: 0053279
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oldalszám: 55 p.
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