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3. Alpini, Prosper, Vesligni, Joannes : Historiae Aegypti naturalis pars prima. Qua continentur rerum Aegyptiarum libri quatuor. Opus postumum, nunc primum . editum. (Pars secunda, sive, De plantis Aegypti liber auctus et emendatus . Cum observationibus & notis Joannis Veslingii . Accedunt ejus

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This work combines two of Alpinus’s major contributions from his exploration to Egypt as physician and avid naturalist. The first part of this work is published here for the first time and is often referred to as Rerum AEgyptiarum. Alpinus had received his training in medicine at Padua and eventually became director of the Botanical Garden. His meticulous and copious notes and collections that he made wherever he touched ground during his travels to and in Egypt resulted in a number of publications. This is the third, which deals with botany as well as natural history of animals. Although the botanical information here, the first scientific study of Egyptian plants, was first published in 1592, the present posthumous work has been supplemented with notes and observations of Veslingi. (Pritzel, 113) Prospero Alpinus (also known as Prosper Alpini, Prospero Alpinio, and Prosper Alpin) spent three years in Egypt. His DE MEDICINA EGYPTIORUM, first published in 1591, is said to contain the first account of the coffee plant published in Europe. The same work introduced the banana and baobab to Europeans./ From Charles Agvent.
Contemporary parchment cover. Old stemps on the title pages. Very nice, intact, clean copy.
4000 €
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kiadó: Lugduni Batavorum, 1735. Gerardum Potvliet.
cikkszám / ISBN: 0044304
kötés: egyéb (lásd a leírásban)
oldalszám: [18]+248+[12]+25 t. (partly folding copper engraving); [10]+306+[26]+72 t. (copper engraving).
könyv nyelve: latin
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