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Musser, Doug - Thomas A. Lang : Jujitsu - Techniques & Tactics

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Skills for sparring and self-defense.

Martial Arts Series.

Jujitsu has long been considered one of the best martial arts for self-defense, and it is fast gaining popularity among all age and skill levels. The name jujitsu means "to give way without giving up or giving in," and Jujitsu Techniques & Tactics teaches how to better understand, practice, and use this skill to achieve physical and spiritual balance and growth.

Jujitsu Techniques & Tactics will help you discover the many benefits this martial art has to offer. The book starts with how to select a jujitsu school, followed by an overview of the art's evolution through hundreds of years of Japanese history. Definitions of terms commonly used in jujitsu follow, adding an important cross-cultural dimension to the study of the art. Then a full array of techniques, tactics, and drills are clearly presented through step-by-step instruction and 143 accompanying photos. You will learn the correct way to perform blocks, kicks, escapes and counters, throws, combinations, and many more essential skills of the art. Technique Tips and Self-Defense Tips are sprinkled throughout to help you fine-tune your maneuvers and experience more success in your practice sessions. The book also includes sections on conditioning, competing, weapon defenses, and healing.

Jujitsu is about much more than just self-defense and fighting. It involves the coordination of the mind and body and provides a sound philosophy for learning how to live your life to the fullest. You will learn aspects of character development, self-discipline, flexibility, adaptability, coordination, and awareness. Jujitsu Techniques & Tactics can help you develop a multitude of physical skills and attain new levels of understanding, putting your life into better balance and offering opportunity for further growth.
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kiadó: Human Kinetics, (1999)
cikkszám / ISBN: 9780880118309
kötés: fűzve
oldalszám: X, 196, [2]
könyv nyelve: angol
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