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Valle, Juan Robles - Irene Valle Robles : Architectural Guide Madrid - Buildings and Projects since 1919

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This architectural guidebook on Madrid showcases 150 buildings from the past 100 years starting with one of the most ­influ­ential urban projects ever: the Gran Vía.

This main ­avenue marked a milestone for ­Madrid which went from being a historic city to the modern capital that it is today. This intervention had been ongoing for ­almost two decades with the initial phase of ­construction reaching completion circa. 1917. A selection of the most relevant buildings thereafter until the present day sheds light on Madrid's architecture in relation to its inherent ­historical ­context, includ­ing the need for the reconstruction of built ­heritage after the ­Spanish Civil War, the influence of the ­Franco dictator­ship lasting for almost forty years, and the new ­materials and ­collaborative archi­tecture that have ­arisen ­during the current economic crisis, among other aspects. Seven proposed routes lead us through the ­different districts that make up the city, as well as those historic epochs that have made Madrid the city it is today.
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kiadó: DOM, 2017
cikkszám / ISBN: 9783869223988
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oldalszám: 175 p.
könyv nyelve: angol
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