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Schlipp, Paul Arthur (Ed.) : Albert Einstein: Philosopher-Scientist

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Einstein's Autobiography; 25 Critical Essays; Einstein's Reply to His Critics; Einstein Bibliography.

The Library of Living Philosophers Volume VII.

Written by the man considered the "Person of the Century" by Time magazine, this is not a glimpse into Einstein's personal life, but an extension and elaboration into his thinking on science. Two of the great theories of the physical world were created in the early 20th century: the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. Einstein created the theory of relativity and was also one of the founders of quantum theory. Here, Einstein describes the failure of classical mechanics and the rise of the electromagnetic field, the theory of relativity, and of the quanta.

Written in German by Einstein himself, the book is faced, page-by-page, with a translation by the noted Professor of Philosophy Paul Arthur Schilpp.
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kiadó: Open Court, (1995)
cikkszám / ISBN: 0044495
kötés: fűzve
oldalszám: XVIII, 781
könyv nyelve: angol
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