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12. Architecture engraving collection ca. 1738. [Many of them about Dresden]. 121 full-page copperplate. By Martin Engelbrecht, Alexander Gläser, Iohannes Hofmeister, Bernhardt Christoph.

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The first few pages are damaged, wrinkled. The last 25 pages are water-stained. All the engravings are sharpe beautifully printed. The folded ones tables are torn, but complete. The numbered pages are not in order. Size: 22x38 cm.
Contemporary leather binding with ribbed, gilt spine. Slightly worn. Corners and the lower spine and top edge slightly damaged.
2.200 €
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kiadó: Ca. 1738
cikkszám / ISBN: 0044313
kötés: egyéb (lásd a leírásban)
oldalszám: 121
könyv nyelve: francia
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